V-Star Career Counselling

Dhara for Sustaining Life launches a new initiative in the form of Project V-Star (in Hindi, Vistaar meaning Detailed). This unique handholding and career counselling initiative can help young minds recognize their interests early and plan their careers right from the school.

We recognized that most of the students, even in reputed private schools, did not have a clue about what they want to achieve in their career. At the age of 16 years, students are generally capable to understand the importance of long term objective in life. At this time, when they have to select a stream in Class XI, the foundation of their overall career has to be laid. But at this critical juncture, no experts are standing beside them to guide them. We identified that students choose subjects guided by family pressure or peer pressure or preconceived notions, but never analyse, among other things:

  • what would interest them in long term.
  • where they want to reach in professional life
  • what would give them utmost satisfaction
  • which careers have huge scope in the future
  • what work entails in that career

That's why many people switch their careers later in life, wasting precious years of life doing something they never wanted to do. Some compromise and settle for whatever they have got, remaining dissatisfied for whole life. As an extreme measures, some people even commit suicide.

The problem is not in the students. They are too small and carefree to understand challenges of life. The responsibility lies with the parents, teachers, elder siblings, friends and the society in general to allow student to explore his/her interests. Government is responsible to provide ecosystem in which a person can fulfill his aspirations. NGOs like us are responsible to help all students equally, without discrimination on basis of caste, class, gender, region, race, disability etc., in their endeavour of building fulfilling careers.

Our mission:
  1. Guide and mentor students and young professionals on how to plan their careers
  2. Encourage our beneficiaries to plan for long term and work for the same starting right now
  3. Inform beneficiaries about new and sunrise opportunities that may be relevant for their field of study.
  4. Organize professional get-togethers where aspirants can interact with someone who is doing exactly what the aspirant wants to do
  5. Constantly providing moral and emotional support to our beneficiaries to help them overcome setbacks in career and to restart with fresh vigour
  6. Special focus on first generation learners and women who are dedicated to craft own identity against all odds

How you can help?
  1. Donate to us - let's be frank, it costs money and time to mentor and guide someone. Your contribution can sponsor someone's livelihood. We want to help as many young people as possible for free.
  2. Volunteer with us - become a mentor, or become a content developer, or become a liaisoning officer or become outreach advocate
  3. Write for us - Contribute articles/ updates on our website regarding education, jobs, careers, success tips, professional etiquettes etc.
  4. Partner with us - If you reciprocate our values and vision, let's work together and collaborate.