Water Conservation


Water is a precious resource for all living beings on this Earth. Our planet is called the Blue Planet because of water. Water forms part of hydrosphere which interacts with the lithosphere and atmosphere to create the beautiful zone called biosphere where we live.

As per geographers, globally same amount of water is available on the Earth since time immemorial. But due to rapid rise in demand, overexploitation of water, and water pollution, we are facing water stress. Without water, life is not possible. That is why, water conservation is the need of hour.

Dhara’s Vision and Mission

“Dhara” means the Earth. That’s why water conservation holds special place in our hearts. We aim to convert India from a water scarce to a water surplus country. We aim to reinvigorate spirit of reverence for water as was prevalent in the ancient past. We aim to make enough water available not only for present generation but also for future generations.

Dhara’s Activities
  • Organize “Jal Morcha” in rural and urban areas where we try to understand the model of water governance in the area and try to improve the same through deliberations and discussions with relevant stakeholders
  • Educating the schools students about water conservation so that they nudge their families to adopt sustainable practices
  • Collaborate with frontline workers in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to prevent water pollution because of open defecation or waste dumping
  • Tree plantation drive alongside the rivers and on floodplains
  • River bank cleaning activities in collaboration with the local residents especially youth
  • Distributing water and cool summer drinks in summers to needy people while also spreading message about water conservation
  • Carry out study and on-ground surveys regarding efficacy of government programs on water conservation and suggesting improvements
How you can help
  • Donate to our projects related to Water Conservation. You can follow the ongoing and upcoming projects here
  • Volunteer with us to help execute the ongoing projects and to help kickstart the upcoming ones
  • Share your idea about how we can benefit the people more or how we can reach out to more people
  • Partner with us and we can jointly work to create more impact

Drop us an e-mail at dharaforsustaininglife@gmail.com or call us at +91-9999-801-394 or drop by at our office in 10/70 Basement, Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi-60.