Pollution Control

Nature has its specific carrying capacity for each element. Water, Land and Air are all made of fine balance of different elements. This fine balance is maintained by the nature through its checks and balances. After the technological development, they started to exploit the bounties of the nature for their own development. In the process these fine balances were disturbed. This manifested in the form of disasters, extinction of species, life threateningdiseases, land degradation, declining fertility of soil, food insecurity and others.

Pollution is when the nature’s life sustenance process is disturbed by extraneous variables. 21st century is the century of crisis of which climate change is the most imminent one. Pollution is the major contributing factor to it.

As per international studies, India has 17 of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world. As per NITI Aayog, water pollution has degraded quality of 70% of water resources which has further aggravated the water scarcity. As per UN Convention on Combating Desertification and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, land degradation has been major contributing factor towards climate change.

The alarms are becoming stronger and threats are becoming imminent.

Dhara’s Vision and Mission

Dhara means “the Earth” and we want to protect this Earth. We aim to revitalize the sustainable model of living in harmony with the nature.We aim to make environment conservation a part of all policies. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of people by spreading awareness and aspiration in this direction. We want to spread Gandhiji’s message of “Simple living” to maximum number of people.

Dhara’s Activities
  • Surveying the pollution related specifics -sources, neutralizers, priority reasons in different seasons, control measures and their efficacy. Basis our study, presenting report to relevant stakeholders and decision makers
  • Spreading awareness regarding impact of pollution and how can an individual control pollution by changing lifestyle and attitude
  • Spreading awareness about natural and organic farming techniques, crop diversification and sustainable agriculture methods among students and farmers
  • Educating the school students about sustainable development
  • Collaborating with the local bodies and augment their capacity for grassroot level reach
  • Partnering with like minded organizations to generate synergistic efforts
How you can help
  1. Donate to our projects related to Pollution. You can follow the ongoing and completed projects here .
  2. Volunteer with us to help execute the ongoing projects and to help kickstart the upcoming ones
  3. Share your idea about how we can benefit the people more or how we can reach out to more people
  4. Partner with us and we can jointly work to create more impact


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