Slum Servay

Project Nirmal Dilli

Alternative Names: Dashing Dilli, Daring Dilli, Dhinchak Dilli, Oye Hoye Dilli, Zindagi na Milegi dobara, Bindaas, Gunda (G---U----N----D----A----), Vriddhimaan, Karma, Sam-maan (just like shaktimaan)

Slums are an outcome of the process called rapid urbanization. The squatter settlements are unfit for human habitation. The buildings here are by reason of dilapidation, overcrowding, faulty arrangement and design of such buildings, narrowness or faulty arrangement of streets, lack of ventilation, light or sanitation facilities, or any combination of these factors, are detrimental to safety, health or morals.

Dhara for Sustaining Life is committed to the cause of human development in these areas. The people in these settlements require health, education, skills and financial inclusion to escape the cycle of poverty. Dhara for Sustaining Life carries out various projects to bring holistic betterment in lives of children, youth, women, senior citizens and marginal workers in these slums.

Using surveys designed by experts, we are generating hawk eye view about priority interventions in the area. Then, our members and organizers reach out to various stakeholders to generate common grounds and agree on the approach. Dhara for Sustaining Life strongly believes that people are not passive recipients of welfare schemes rather they are active contributors to own self-development. That's why we work with people participation.

  • Health - We work towards awareness generation and attitude change about preventive healthcare.
  • Education - Bringing focus on learning outcomes of the children and generating awareness among parents and teachers about their role in the child's education
  • Women and Youth Empowerment - creating self help groups, providing skills and generating remunerative livelihood opportunities
  • Environment Sustainability - Promoting personal and social hygiene, facilitating waste segregation by households, encouraging people to transition from polluting fuels to LPG and collaborating with local bodies in order to prevent water pollution.

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