Self Help Group

Dhara for Sustaining Life is committed to the cause of empowerment of the people, especially those who have been marginalized due to socio-economic inequalities. Swabhimaan Swavlamban and Swayamsiddha are our thrust areas, which lead us to our project of facilitating formation of self-help groups. Gandhiji's philosophy of self-sustaining villages inspires our activities when we mobilize the aspirational people within a community.

Our efforts help the people to:
  1. identify livelihood opportunity based on local resources and traditional skills
  2. have the capacity of carrying out the work on a continuous basis and to deliver quality products which can then be marketed in urban areas
  3. raise finances from local bank as a SHG and to avail government sponsored benefits
  4. maintain organisation's books of accounts, financial records, stock records and statistics
  5. manage their resources (human, physical, technological, financial) efficiently
  6. invest their enhanced income into development works like education of their children, health of household members, building of qualitative houses and sanitation facilities, and on tools to improve their standard of living

Our mission:
  1. To facilitate creation of atleast 1,000 self help groups in the next three years.
  2. To generate access of 1000 communities to the urban markets
  3. To preserve the traditional crafts and local biodiversity of India
  4. To uphold dignity of individuals by providing them livelihood at their place of origin so that they do not have to migrate
  5. To socio-economically empower the members of the groups who not only earn more money but also gain respect in their communities

How you can help?
  1. Donate to us - Self help group formation requires small initial investment. Your small donation can change lives of atleast 10 households.
  2. Volunteer with us - Join our Mission as a capable and compassionate member willing to bring change
  3. Inform us about any opportunity in your area regarding people empowerment
  4. Partner with us - If you are an NGO doing same work, let's collaborate and work together to generate synergistic results.