Agriculture Development

Rural India

Two out of every three people in India reside in villages wherein one out of every two persons are engaged in agriculture. Thus, India’s development is possible only through development of rural areas. Rural India development rests on two broad pillars – economic development and social transformation. Dhara For Sustaining Life has two-pronged focus in the Rural India:

  • 1. Rural and Community Development
  • 2. Agriculture Development
Agriculture Development

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Agriculture employs nearly 50% of the workforce but contributes less than 20% to the Gross Value Added of the country. India’s efforts in the sector range from Multipurpose power projects in the first five-year plan to Package Program in the third five-year plan to Rainbow Revolution in the ninth five-year plan to National Agriculture Development Scheme in the eleventh five-year plan. But the agriculture still suffers from following problems in contemporary times:

  • High input cost
  • Declining agriculture yields
  • Declining land holding size
  • Poor post-harvest management facilities
  • Declining soil productivity and biodiversity
  • Over-reliance on few crops and on few areas for food security
  • Reliance on private money lenders for small and marginal farmers


Dhara’s Vision and Mission

Dhara For Sustaining Life is committed to the cause of our agripreneurs. We aim to assist the Government of India vision of doubling the farmers’ income by 2022. We aim to make agriculture enterprise more sustainable, remunerative, climate resilient and productive. We aim to reduce the wastage of the output and prevent distress sale by the farmers. We aim to ensure that farmers get their due share in the economic gains of country.

Dhara’s Activities
  • Extensive and intensive data collection regarding problems of the farmers in different areas
  • Promoting organic and natural farming techniques in partnership with Krishi Vigyan Kendras and other local agricultural bodies
  • Organizing trips for civil service aspirants to rural areas to understand the agriculture pattern and associated problems; Meetings with farmers, scientists, NABARD, agriculture mandi operators and other relevant stakeholders
  • Spreading awareness about government policies and schemes that can benefit the farmers
  • Encouraging students to study agriculture scientifically in order to adopt better methods of farming
  • Presenting report to the relevant stakeholders so that they can take informed decisions
How you can help
  • Donate to our projects related to Agriculture. You can follow the ongoing and completed projects here
  • Volunteer with us to help execute the ongoing projects and to help kickstart the upcoming ones
  • Share your idea about how we can benefit the students more or how we can reach out to more students
  • Partner with us and we can jointly work to create more impact

Drop us an e-mail at or call us at +91-9999-801-394 or drop by at our office in 10/70 Basement, Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi-60.