Feed The Animals Challenge

Feed The Animals Challenge

COVID-19 lockdown has affected all of us but has a very big impact on the stray animals and birds, specifically near the markets and near corporate setups. The strays have no means of feeding themselves as all offices, restaurants, roadside eateries (where they had easy accessibility to food) are closed. The strays and birds are starving. With the lockdown, stray animals that typically feed on leftover food generated by eateries (that are now shut) would suddenly face a huge scarcity of food. Stray animals like cats and dogs are roaming around far from their usual spots in search of food. 


We all used to care so much about our own pets and stray animals before this pandemic and used to post pictures on social media. But now, people are abandoning their pets and have stopped feeding the strays. 
Its a hard time for all of us and we should take care of each other, be it humans or animals.


We, the members of DHARA FOR SUSTAINING LIFE are posing a challenge to all of you. The name of the challenge is #FeedTheAnimalChallenge. People taking up this challenge need to post pictures or videos with this hashtag on your social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and tag atleast 5 of your friends in the story/post. Let's spread awareness about this challenge among everyone we know! It is not necessary to click a picture with you feeding an animal but you can also click a picture of the milk container you kept outside your house for the dogs or the water container you kept in your balcony for the birds. 


NOTE: This challenge does not advise you or encourages you to go out of your home. You have to do it by staying at your home. You can feed the animals which are in front of the gates of your houses or can go to your terrace for feeding the birds.


Participants could send pictures and/or videos for #FeedTheAnimalChallenge on the following google drive:-
Drive link:- dharaforsustaininglife@gmail.com