Sarbind Kumar

Web Designer and Developer

Sarbind is the IT project lead at Dhara for Sustaining Life. Sarbind, since his college days in Bhopal,has been inclined towards social service sector. Hehas been a strong pillar working to enhance Dhara’s online presence. His ideas and suggestions are novel and practical. He is driven by dedication to his work and strives to continuously improvethe user-friendliness of the website. He is well organised in his approach.His vision is to overcome the digital divide in India by makingwebsitesso much user-friendly.

Pankaj Kumar

Web Developer

Pankaj is Dhara’s software and web application developer.Interestingly, while manymay see completing college as a regular affair, Pankaj was the first diploma holder from his village in UP. His mission is to inspire the poor youth to complete their education and earn good livelihood. Pankaj is adept in his work and continuously strives to improve the website functionality.His approach to problem solving is organized and logical.


Graphic Designer

Dimple is the graphic designer in our team. Hercreativity andskillsat the work make her a valuable team member.Dimple is always following her interest. She was brave enough to pursue a career in graphic designing despite no one around her did.